our love (&ttc) story

August 1999: A and I glance at each other for the first time during college orientation. He likes me.  I like him.  Then I find someone I like even better. I chase that guy for a good two years, all the while A still likes me while biding time with other stupid ho-bags.

April 2000: Our first kiss after longest courtship ever, while watching Ace Ventura…. <facepalm>.. when his roommate left the room to go poo. <another facepalm>

July 2001: I tell him I love him while watching Austin Powers. <both fists banging sides of head> (This is embarrassing.)  Funny movies were the catalyst for the make out sessions that led to the romantic milestones I guess.

January 2002- July 2005: we break up we get back together we break up we get back together some more

August 2007: Engaged!

August 2008: Married!

April 2010: We pulled the goalie!  Woohoo! Lots of excitement and “We could have a baby 9 months from now! squeel!” (HA!)

May-July 2010:i hope can do my duties as a maid of honor for my little SIL’s wedding. I might be preggoooo! hee hee!”  … (HA!)

September 2010: Hmmmmmm………

October 2010: Doctor, “You guys are so young and healthy, just give it a year and then we will do some tests.

December 2010: This isn’t fun anymore.

January 2011: Brother: “You’re going to be a first-time auntie!”


March 2011: OKAY WHAT THE F***.

June 2011: Doctor, “okay lets run some tests. A, go get an SA when you can.”

July 27, 2011: First nephew born while on vacation alone with my mom. How fun for us! Lots of pictures and phone calls!

July 28, 2011: THE VERY NEXT DAY. phone call from A, “We’re fucked. It’s me.”

October 2011- Next steps appt with doctor/midwife.  She walks into the room 9 months pregnant. for our INFERTILITY Appt.  She and my other friends who use her fail to mention this to me beforehand, so I am surprised by it. She tells us IVF is our only option. Refers us to Urologist.  Again, all while her GIANT baby belly is in my face. I rage at how cruel the whole thing is.

*3 days later she has the baby.  Uses our boy name. I rage some more.

October 2011 Sept 2012 Depressed. “Get your babies out of my face. seriouslygetthemoutofmyface.”

October 2012: Hah-Vay-EE land calls us!Get us the eff off this continent!

December 2012: “Hawaii Insurance has an infertility mandate?! SAY WHAT!?!?!?!”

February 2013:  Day 3 blood workup. Almost die from blood loss. not really.

NEXT DAY: Step Brother’s wife has 2nd baby

TWO DAYS LATER: Brother T, “You’re going to be an auntie again!” via email.  EMAIL.

“DA FUCK!?!?!?!????!?!?!!”

March 2013: First Medicated IUI.  just ’cause. with Clomid-  A has bathroom incident.  $152.  We poopoo our pants with insured glee.


April 2013: 2nd IUI planned on Clomid.  Wait, what? Am I ovulating? A is out of town. huh? where? We missed it. We’re idiots.

April 2013: little SIL bride (See May-Jul 2010) “I’m pregnant! yyyyyyaaaaaayyyyyyyyy”

April-June: We basically want to die. Not speaking to little SIL. very awkward and heartwrenching time.

June 2013:  First appt at Fertility clinic.  September IVF with ICSI is on the Calendar!

August 31, 2013: start stims

Sept 10, 2013: Trigger, Transfer canceled due to high progesterone.

Sept 12, 2013: Retrieval- 34 eggs, 24 ICSI’d. 19 fertilize,  6 make it to blast & get Cryoed for future FET’s!

Nov 25, 2013: FET; 1 embryo.  Finger’s crossed!

Dec 3, 2013: First ever BFP! WE DID IT!


5 thoughts on “our love (&ttc) story

    • IVF buddies! Stay in touch! I think I am more like mid-sept. I will know more when I get my period this week. (hopefully/hopefully not) 🙂 LET’S DO THIS!

  1. Your blog is great! So happy to have had it recommended to me! I was wondering what clinic you use or if you had any recommendations? I’ll be in Hawaii over Christmas and I need some monitoring blood work and an ultrasound.

    • Hey! I am at Fertility Institute of Hawaii. 808-545-2800. Dr. Fratterelli. This is on Oahu. So if you will be on another island I cant do much for you! Not sure how that all works seeing a doctor out of your state but its worth calling them I guess. Good luck! And Mele Kalikimaka!!

  2. Thanks so much!! I’ll be on Kauai and will probably just go to the hospital there but was considering flying to Oahu for the appointments. Mele Kalikimaka to you too!!

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