Follow me on the tweeter. The twotting. The twister?

I’ve been soul searching about how it makes me sad that I can’t sit down and type out more posts, so I thought I would join the twotter. What? That’s not how you say it? One doesn’t twot? Oh well, that’s what my father-in-law called it. On the phone. With a business associate (not because he is dirty, but because he is so innocent) that sweet man.

I have lots of little things I think of to say all the of the time, but can’t sit down and accumulate them to one post. I have generally hated the basic principle of twitter, so this is a big deal. But I also want a lot of attention. See how it’s tricky for me emotionally?
Okay! so follow me on twitter! @kimmymomjeans and teach me how to do this because I don’t know how!

Let’s get our twot on like donkey kong!!

7 thoughts on “Follow me on the tweeter. The twotting. The twister?

  1. R you on Instagram? I’m on the gram but not so much on the twit ;-)) our little ones are super close in age & I’m mostly doing stuff on Instagram because same as you I have nooooooooo time!

    (Finger pecking currently with one hand as I nurse the bebe)

    Sirahbeth is my username

    • I joined twitter so i could record my one liners that make me think i am really clever. I am in Instagram, but only with my family. Congrats on the babe! You surviving!?

    • My nickname is kimmy pants which my friends shortened to just “pants.” and when i got pregnant they started calling me “mom jeans.” So horrible and great, huh?

  2. I love your blog! I’m pretty sure we have the same Dr F (Oahu?) and I had my transfer nearly one year to the day as you. Hoping my personal hell nets me a cute little pink baby like yours! Congrats!

    • Oh my gosh! Yes! Dr. F! haha, you will definitely relate to many of my posts now! Okay so now, you know your transfer outcome. I hope everything went ok! keep me posted!

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