enchanting photo shoot

This is a serious goodie. I came across this gem when I was looking at a blog that I really enjoy, called On to Baby.  They have submissions from photographers, event planners and over the top mommies of great inspiration ideas for showers, nurseries, photo shoots and just generally all things baby and cute.

I usually love this web site but man, they did NOT get it right this time.  or did they???

omg there is a pregnant woman in need on that forest floor!

Cue Evanescence, sit back and enjoy this enchanting maternity shoot.


I was having coffee with my equally as unemployed mother-in-law the other day and we discussed going on some errands together later in the day.  She was still in her jammies, sipping her coffee and we exchanged the below conversation:

MIL:  “Well, we can go, but I just have to wait for the milkman.”

ME:  <winking>  “Say no more.”

MIL:  “UH!  I don’t think like that!” (lie)

ME:  “Well, you set yourself up, mums. You know, our old milkman used to be pretty cute!”

MIL: “We have only ever had realllly cute milkmen.”

ME:  “Are we competing because mine was probably cuter.”

MIL:  “Stop it. When we were at the old house, I used to leave him cookies and little treats.”

ME:  “Now it’s just bathroom self-takes?”

MIL:  “*”

*Stink Eye.


vaguebooking and humble bragging- oh my!

I will admit that I am the self-proclaimed authority on Facebook etiquette.

I look at Facebook everyday and I simply cannot believe my eyes sometimes.

What has happened to my friends?

I will continue to analyze this behavior to death, (I have to do SOMETHING with my sociology degree) but in the meantime, this article from  Mashable basically took the words right out of my mouth.  This topic will be revisited.  A lot.  Enjoy.


awkward first post blog introduction

“that name is weird and it makes no sense.”

First, you shut your mouth. Do you know how hard it is to come up with a blog title?! It’s like dang near impossible!!

After much consideration and deliberation, it finally came to me while I was reading political biographies napping. It was that time in between dreaming and being awake when something startles you back to reality and you do that wake-up-weird, sleep-talkie thing where you’re all “Alf wasn’t THAT loveable! put some salt on that hippopotamus” <<wake up>> what time is it? oh it’s only 3:12pm? I should get a job?”

Anyway, it’s a combination of words. The word “Wit,” (because wit is the only thing I’m good at.  It’s a blessing a a curse) and my name.

So we good?